Thursday, June 8, 2017

How do you choose a book? After the front cover entices me to pick it up, I immediately flip the volume over to read the back. Who is this author, and what does the publisher have to say about the story? Next, I will read a few lines in the first chapter, and I'm either hooked or lay the book down.

This is the first time Trapped in the Crossfire's back cover has been made public, except for the reviewers who received galley proofs. Click on this image to enlarge, and read the words of Steve Gierhart of Ardent Writer Press, my publisher's comments. Therein, he captured the essence of my novel. As one of my reviewers stated, the "meat" of the saga is the untold Southern Civil War story.

Trapped in the Crossfire, by Gladys Hodge Sherrer, coming in October 2017 to Amazon. Wait for it!