Thursday, May 11, 2017

Publicize, Promote like a Marathon Runner

The Galley Proof Copy

The plot stirs hearts, the scenes take away readers' breath, its characters are bone real. Now, the years of work is warming your hand, in the form of a galley proof. What does a writer do?

While a dozen handpicked reviewers get first dibs and jabs, it's time for this writer to bend, stretch and flex, get mentally (and physically) ready for the coming book promotional marathon.

Methodically and steadily, daily I learn new ways to soon get this awesome new treasure out to its readers, though not like a runner jumping out of the gate, only to fag out before the finish line. In truth, there is no finish line for authors. Our heart tells us to move into writing the next great story. I have in mind a Revolutionary War saga based on true life events, a prequel to Trapped in the Crossfire, but first this Civil War baby must be launched with all of the style worthy of years of research and writing.

Stay tuned, dear readers, while I continue my daily search for Trapped in the Crossfire's perfect promotional path... coming in October 2017 to Amazon.