Monday, April 21, 2014

Writers Critique Groups

Courage in the Crossfire, my 19th Century novel, is in "First Draft" Stage 
Often times, I see posts of other writers on Social Media speaking about "losing their muse". I chuckle. My theory? If you truly are a writer at heart, you don't need to look for something outside your mind in order to create. The desire is there. You will write, whether in a journal, a blog or a lengthy novel.

Having said this, there are conditions which encourage a writer to stay on task in a project. One such environment is the writers critique group. I tried many until finding a perfect fit. For me, this includes writers of a wide array of genres, but people sincerely seeking good craft, a place where I can learn and grow as a writer among those who  give honest feedback, kindly. People who inspire.

Well, you might say, did Hemingway or Faulkner have such as group? In their own way, they did... when one considers the social creatures they were, the places they frequented. Who were the characters they wrote about? Likely they were from this circle of friends and acquaintances.

To a writer, all of life's experiences are "grist for the mill", whether it's people and their lives and conversations, or their criticism. A writer learns and is inspired by people. Are you a writer? Find people to spend time with, and grow.

Well, today I'm writing a mid 19th Century novel. Where do I find more inspiration? Springtime has arrived. I feel historical museums and battlefield monuments calling my name. Maybe I'll see you there?