Sunday, September 29, 2013

Author Shelba Nivens' latest, The Mistaken Heiress, Coming Soon!!

Authors Shelba Nivens (on left) and G.H. Sherrer 

As an author of two published works, I understand the excitement of a new book on its way. Today I am so pleased to announce my friend Shelba Nivens as my guest. A book Author (Early Setters of the K-Springs/Chelsea Area), a Shelby County Reporter Columnist and playwright (Abingdon Easter Drama Collection, and others), she is a diversely gifted writer experienced in publishing. First, Mrs. Nivens, tell us which books or authors have most influenced your writer’s life.

Books by Catherine Marshall, Grace Livingston Hill, Louisa Mae Alcott, the book Pollyanna, many Christian romances, and a wide variety of inspirational novels have influenced me greatly.  My family is always very supportive and helpful, and some provide me with character inspiration.

You have been writing for quite some time, and have won many awards. Tell us about those.

I’ve taken Florida Christian Writing Conference (FCWC) awards for Best Novel and Best Non-fiction, two Second Place awards from Alabama Writers Conclave, several First and Second Place awards from Birmingham Quill Club, plus some minor awards from each.

You have a new and exciting book coming out soon, one you’ve worked on for a long time.  Why will most enjoy reading it?  

The Mistaken Heiress, being published by Heartsong, the inspirational division of Harlequin, will be launched in a few months. The book has humor, as well as subtle Christian inspiration. The main attraction? Strong, interesting characters, intriguing plot, a setting in Alabama’s beautiful central woodlands and other familiar local sites and much more, will surely pique interest of readers.  The primary character or protagonist, Kate, has a question common to many: “How can I trust the promise that God wants me to have a bright future and hope [Jeremiah 29:11], when my life is falling apart?”  How much God loves us, the hope He can bring into our lives… this message is what I wish to convey with this captivating story.

The Mistaken Heiress is sure to be a wonderful thought-provoking book, and I look forward to owning a copy!  Thank you, Author Shelba Nivens, for your time and a delightful peek into your writer’s life. Stay inspired! - G.H. Sherrer

Sunday, September 15, 2013

NLAPW Book Review for The Keeper Chronicles

My book's recent Pen Women (NLAPW) review by Mary Jedicka Humston, Iowa City, Iowa:

"Author G. H. Sherrer introduces a strong pre-teen character in her contemporary novel The Keeper Chronicles Volume I & II. Scrappy, independent Starr Bright, 12, reminds me of Flavia de Luce (Alan Bradley's mystery series) and Scout Finch (Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird). She has Flavia's curiosity, intelligence and detecting skills and Scout's courage and quest for knowledge and truth. Sherrer has deftly created an endearing, unique character in Starr we can't help but root for. In Volume I's The Mall Street Sleuth, Starr puts her spying observations to work and is thrown into one harrowing experience after another. Why is her mother holed up in her room for days? Did her father die in the hurricane or is he suffering from amnesia? Who is the Catania family next door? The Mob? And, why can't anyone else see the mysterious Patch?
Starr's no angel. Superstitious and woefully neglected by her parents, she steals food and gets into trouble while living in an unfair world of hunger and neglect. Elderly African-American Miz Alma Washington takes her under her wing. In both Volume I & II, the wealthy basket weaver provides continual sources of love, sustenance and support.
Volume II's The Breakthrough takes us to the opulent, post-hippie world of her maternal grandparents. Starr, 16, has mysteries to solve here, too. Why doesn't her new friend Matt call any more? Who is the stalker in the green Civic? What family secrets are her quirky grandparents hiding? Faith in God eventually plays a significant role in Starr's life as a background theme against the main plot highlighting her coming of age. In the end, Starr shines (pun intended), making me hope Volume III is forthcoming. Final note: Sherrer provides 31 thought-provoking questions for book club discussions geared for adult and young adult readers.

2012, Infinity Publishing. West Conshohocken, PA, USA $16.95 (to order from publisher toll-free call: 877-289-2665 or see Also on Amazon or by request through bookstores worldwide.
ISBN: 978-0-7414-8034-7 paperback
ISBN: 978-0-7414-8035-4 eBook
Library of Congress Control Number: 2012918150