Friday, January 11, 2013

Distractions from Writing

Every New day Brings Fresh Opportunities
The holidays are past. Now what's your excuse, writers? It's so easy to let life interfere with your passion for writing, especially after a distracting month-long flurry of holiday dinner parties, and related activities. It's a new year, 2013 AD. Who knew the world would still be turning for so long? As writers, we have an obligation to continue placing our thoughts down for future generations to read. Or not. Who knows what those generations will do with words. Just look at the technological changes in the past 25 years, and be amazed.

I have an historical novel to finish this year, and have joined a new critique group I'm excited about, one which is professional and honest giving feedback. I'm sure to learn a lot this year. If I'm not learning and growing as a writer I feel stifled. Learning energizes me.

This new year reach out to other writers for inspiration and support. Be inspired!