Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rejections Getting You down?

One thing I've learned as a writer, is that doing so is for inner fulfillment, a private satisfaction coming from doing a job well, staying true to your principles and values. Sure, listen to the reviewers, heed advice. But if a writer tries to emulate another author too much or take the writing rules too seriously, or write to please one reviewer, they will never feel satisfaction, but emptiness.

The first step is to be honest with yourself. Who are you really? What is it you're trying to accomplish by spending countless hours pounding a computer? If it's selfish goals you're after, be prepared for heartache in most cases. Rejections get you down? Then writing may not be for you. A writer has to be grounded in self worth and confidence, must find satisfaction within themselves, pleasing themselves, and if they are blessed with faith, pleasing God. Otherwise they may often find themselves seeking comfort in unhealthy escapes when rejections come. And they will come.

Yesterday I submitted my second book for publishing, a couplet which has taken five years to hone to my satisfaction. Is it perfect? No. Will it please every reader. Never. Am I happy? You'd better believe I am! The feeling is somewhat like birthing a baby you've nurtured inside you, while avoiding things you shouldn't and following all the necessary steps for a successful birth and healthy infant. Now I can relax, await the first copy with satisfaction. Oh, but I do have another novel in progress and my mind is already stirring with inspiration again. That's what writing is about: drawing inspiration and finding fulfillment while holding onto your uniqueness. Always, always be true to yourself, your life principles. Be authentic.