Friday, April 27, 2012

The "Back Story"

What's the "back story" in this photo?
Writers know a secret. The back story is as interesting and necessary to a work as is main plot, adding depth and breadth, dimension to an otherwise "flat" boring piece. Consider the photo above.
Now, look closer. The flowers, though showy and bright, seem to have parted a bit, allowing the majestic San Jacinto Mountain Range to peek into view.  

Imagine how a camera close-up of the mountain would look. Then see yourself driving a convertible along a winding road to its peak, the warm desert breeze in your hair and sun on face, going up and up, a cliff dropping sharply down more than mile on one side, and the other roadside rife with boulders poised to fall.
When you reach the top safely, stop for a rest at an isolated roadside cafe, then take a hike onto a forest trail bordered with lofty firs where elk stop and stare. 

Now, are those show-off flowers the real story?

The back story breathes life into a story, and is as vital as oxygen. Be inspired! G. H. Sherrer